Yum Cha

Known as Adelaide’s Yum Cha mecca, now in the gorgeously redeveloped Chinatown Plaza, we are your first destination for an array of freshly prepared yum cha. It’s the perfect location to grab a group of mates or family members, take over a table, and order as much as you can fill your stomach with!

Fluffy pork buns, succulent beancurd skin rolls,  mouthwatering scallop dumplings, you can’t leave until you’ve tried it all. Our chefs are masters of preparing the finest yum cha guaranteed to delight your senses and possibly relieve the sins of the night before.

We welcome you to try our next level yum cha.

yum cha chinatown plaza

Yum Cha Everyday

Our yum cha menu is constantly evolving so there may be new dishes, ask us!

Small $4
Crescent Meat Puffs

Special $7
Beef Rice Rolls
BBQ Pork Rice Rolls
Prawn Rice Rolls
Cruller Rice Rolls

Medium $5
Chicken Shiu Mai
Shitake Shiu Mai
Ginger Beef Dumplings
BBQ Pork Buns
Chicken Mushroom Buns
Beancurd Skin Rolls
Pork Spare Ribs
Beef tripe
Chicken Feet
Turnip Cake
Prawn Spring Rolls
Stuffed Eggplant
Malay Cake
Custard Buns

Large $6
Prawn Dumplings
Scallop Dumplings
Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice
Salt & Pepper Squid
Chive Dumplings


Prices are subject to change and may vary slightly from the website.