Dumpling King

The original and the best is found in Chinatown Plaza. Everybody loves Dumpling King because our servings are easy to devour in one sitting. Our dumplings come in beef, pork & chicken and prawn.  If you have a ravenous appetite, need nursing back to health after the night before, or need a bite after shopping, come in to fill up on our dumplings made with care.

We also have other crowd pleasers such as Taiwan beef in noodle soup, Fried crumbed pork chops on rice and Shanghai fried noodle with sliced pork & veg.

We’re open late every night of the week, so keep us in mind for your late night snack needs!

Dumplings and More

Steamed beef dumpling
Fried pork dumpling
Chicken & prawn wonton in noodle soup
Taiwan beef in noodle soup
Fried crumbed pork chops on rice
Curry chicken on rice

Special fried rice
Mixed vegetable in noodle soup
Shanghai fried noodle with sliced pork & veg
Special chilli beef on rice
Crispy chicken on rice
Spring onion pan cake

Fried vegetarian spring roll
Ma-tofu with spicy pork mince
Kung Po Chicken

Please note prices and menu items are subject to change.